Maintenance Agreement

HVAC Services Maintenance Agreement (PPI)

Rehagen is proud to offer our “Precision Performance Inspection” (PPI). Our performance inspection is designed to check all safety components of your HVAC system. While inspecting your equipment, our service technicians refer to a “checklist” to ensure your system is properly examined. Your HVAC system will be cleaned to maintain and improve overall heating and/or cooling efficiency. Our technicians will inform you of the general condition of your equipment and will offer professional recommendations to increase the efficiency, reliability and overall performance of your HVAC system.

Rehagen Professionalism

Rehagen Performance Inspections are performed by highly qualified HVAC technicians.

The HVAC technician will supply you with a completed detailed inspection report.

The HVAC technician will offer recommendations based on the inspection report and the homeowners concerns and needs.

Rehagen office staff and technicians are happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Rehagen Agreement Benefits

Agreement Benefits apply to “Active Members” only. To qualify as an Active Member, you agree to have a minimum of one and up to four “Precision Performance Inspections” (PPI) annually. Please refer to the agreement form for detailed benefits.

No overtime charges for service calls

Same day service

A reminder service call or email to schedule your inspection

10% discount on all parts that are not covered under warranty

Priority emergency service with no additional charges

Same Season Guarantee (Seasonal Repair Warranty)

  • If the equipment fails in the same season the inspection was performed in, a “Service Call” fee will not be charged for a Rehagen Service Technician to return. The customer will be responsible for any additional parts or material needed to repair.
  • Customer must be an “Active Member” of the PPI Plan to qualify
  • Customer must agree to complete all recommendations as a result of the technician’s inspection
Rehagen Heating & Cooling offers performance inspections to ensure your HVAC system is maintained properly.

Customized to Fit

  • Every home and customer has different needs, Rehagen will customize our plan to fit the homeowners needs
  • Rehagen offers customized checklists and pricing for commercial buildings


Rehagen only requires payment at the time of the inspection. The pricing below is for each visit. Each homeowner has different needs; one customer may only require service once a year while others may require two or more inspections per year.

1st System - $98.00
2nd System - $89.00 Same Location as 1st system
3rd System - $79.00 Same Location as 1st and 2nd system
If there are more than 3 systems at the same location, after the 3rd system each additional system will be an additional $69.00 per system.
1 inch Filters (standard) - $12.00 each
2 inch Filters (GSHP) - $35.00 each
Humidifier Maintenance - $45.00 each humidifier
Jobsite out of our normal area - $30.00 to 1st system (will be mutually agreed upon prior to service)
Filter case prices are available, contact the Rehagen Service Manager at 573-455-2394.