Gas Furnaces

Professional Gas Furnace Installation for Jefferson City, Mo and Surrounding Areas

Installing a gas furnace correctly ensures you reach the maximum efficiency from your unit. Rehagen Heating and Cooling is proud to offer Daikin Gas Furnaces. They offer a wide variety of modern forced air HVAC systems that feature advanced technology and play a larger role in your indoor comfort and fuel bill year-round.

To earn a high AFUE rating, every Daikin brand gas furnace is engineered with a heat exchanger construction from tubular stainless steel. Often matched with split air conditioner systems, today’s furnaces not only do a great job of keeping your home warm during the winter, but also assist the air conditioning system in circulating cooled air during warmer seasons. The two-stage or variable-speed blower for your furnace means it runs at a steady pace, providing much higher efficiency in all our home furnaces. This intelligent system means improved comfort and lower energy bills for you. Daikin also stands by their equipment by offering a 12-year warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. Rehagen Installation Consultants will be happy to help you find the right heating solution for your home.

Rehagen Heating & Cooling provides professional gas furnace installation in Jefferson City, Mo.

12-Year Warranty

All Daikin equipment comes with a 12-year warranty, with the option of an additional 12-year labor warranty, making Daikin a trustworthy manufacturer. Our satisfied customers, along with our partnership with the largest HVAC company in the world, Daikin, has made us a leader in HVAC innovation throughout mid-Missouri.

Rehagen Heating & Cooling's Daikin equipment comes with a 12-year warranty, guaranteeing your HVAC satisfaction in Jefferson City, Mo.
Rehagen Heating & Cooling's HVAC products come with a 12-year warranty, guaranteeing your satisfaction in Jefferson City, Mo.