Mini Split and Multi-Zone Heat Pumps

Ductless Heat Pump Systems for Heating and Cooling Solutions

Rehagen Heating & Cooling has been very successful in our installments of Daikin VRV mini-split and multi-zone heat pump systems, also known as a ductless heat pump system. These systems have become fast growing in the industry. Their versatility offers a wide range of options, enabling customize systems that works best in your home. The system typically works with one outdoor unit and several indoor heads that can be customized to each space for maximum appearance and comfort. Multi-zone and mini-splits systems are operate quietly, in a highly efficient manner. These systems are truly the ultimate way to handle all heating and cooling solutions. Ask our Rehagen Consultant about the best option for your home.


12-Year Warranty

All Daikin equipment comes with a 12-year warranty, with the option of an additional 12-year labor warranty, making Daikin a trustworthy manufacturer. Our satisfied customers, along with our partnership with the largest HVAC company in the world, Daikin, has made us a leader in HVAC innovation throughout mid-Missouri.